Increase sales revenue by converting visitors to buyers

We are living at a point in history where convenience is paramount. With the advent of computers, we as a society have grown less patient. We have become accustomed to getting information and customer service on our own schedule.

Engage your website visitors

Having the ability to engage with your customers at any time is a huge bonus for any small business! Whether you are taking care of your existing customer base by providing customer support, or generating revenue by reaching out to new customers, being able to interact with your customers is key! Our new chat service allows your customers to chat directly with your representative right from your corporate website! A live chat option on your website gives you a better chance of converting browsers into buyers.

Benefits of an Online Chat Application

  • Increase sales revenue by closing the deal
  • Provide support to existing customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction by being available in real-time
  • Build customer relationships

Respond immediately to your customer's issues

How It Works

  1. Your company's chat agent logs onto the chat application
  2. The company website sees the agent is available for chat and provides a chat link to all website visitors
  3. A visitor clicks on the link and initiates chat
Companies that produce a product, sell retail products, or provide a service, must provide some level of support for their customers. Sometimes that customer has a simple question they need answered, but the answer is not immediately available from your company website.

The customer has to call a phone number, wait on hold for the "next available agent", and finally gets a chance to talk to a company representative. Of course if the connection gets dropped somewhere in the middle as mobile phones sometimes do, then the customer has to start the process over from the beginning! Everyone has been there, we all know there is a better way, right?

Companies with an online chat application save both time and money while keeping their customers happy! The customer can avoid waiting on hold for long periods of time, they simply click a link on your website and immediately get connected with your chat agent, saving them time and improving customer satisfaction. It is a win-win for both your company and your customer!

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